How Water Powered Sump Pump Protect Your Home from Flood Damage

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We already know that we cannot leave without water but too much water can be a problem too. In fact, too much water due to heavy rains can cause damage to the environment and to your properties. You would not believe how excessive acid rain can actually harm everything around you including your home. Since the climate change is experienced worldwide, it’s about time to step up. Gone are the days when you used to sit still and look pretty.

You have to do something to protect your home during heavy rains and flooding. Hence, what you need is a sump pump to save the day.

Water Powered Sump Pump

What is a Water Powered Sump Pump?

A sump pump is indeed one of the best inventions ever that has been tested and proven already over the past decades. Over the years, new and improved versions were introduced on the market including the water powered sump pump. This type of sump pump is considered a great emergency device for personal and commercial use. Unlike other types of sump pump, a water powered sump pump does not need batteries nor electrical cords.

Instead, this pump uses homes’ water pressure from the city’s incoming water to pump the water out.

How Can It Protect Your Home Against Flood Damage?

Since a water powered sump pump does not need electricity and batteries, it can be really handy for everyone. Not to mention if you are the type of person who always forgets to check on things and do maintenance checks. Thus, below are how a water powered sump pump can help you prevent flood damages in your home:

  • Cost and Energy-Efficient

A water powered sump pump can help protect your home against flood damage even if the power goes out for an entire day. As its name suggests, you can say goodbye to battery checks and replacements. This type of sump pump can practically come to your aid with an unlimited run time. A water powered sump pump only needs your municipal water pressure in your house. At the same time, you can save money to improve your drainage system.

  • No Maintenance

Most sump pumps need maintenance which can be costly sometimes. But with a water powered sump pump, you don’t need any to keep it working for years. Sounds great, isn’t it? As long as there is water, the pump will continue to work even if you don’t monitor it and do maintenance. Even if you are out on a long vacation, it can pump out more than 1,300 gallons per hour. It is also compatible with ¾ inch a municipal water supply line which is really handy.

Final Words

There are days when heavy rains and floods seem like they won’t stop. The worst is that you don’t always have electricity and batteries to rely on too. Hence, this is where a water powered sump pump comes in to keep your home from being flooded and damaged. If you already have a battery powered sump pump, a water powered sump pump will prove to be handy as a secondary pump. However, it is a little more complicated to be installed compared with other sump pumps.

What to Do During Heavy Rains and Floods?

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Looking for some ways to keep you and your family safe during heavy rains and floods? Don’t fret now because we got your back. We all know how heavy rains can be scary sometimes. You can’t really tell what will happen next especially if you are still outside your house. It can be the cause of some accidents and worst, floods. If you are living in within the flood-prone area, you and your house can be in great danger during heavy rains.

So, it is really important that you know what to do when you experience heavy rains. Here are the important things you should always take note to stay safe:

Heavy Rains and Floods

  • Activate the Sump Pump

First things first, you should have a sump pump in your basement. When the rainwater hit your house’ lowest point which is your sump pit, your sump pump will automatically do its job. A sump pump is installed in the sump pit where it can prevent the entering water from flooding your basement.

The sump pit directs the water as far away possible from your property to drain in another direction. Thus, a sump pump is indeed a great investment as it can work continuously even if you’re not at home.

  • Postpone Trips

If you have a planned trip anywhere, postpone it until the bad weather subsides. There is no guarantee that you can arrive safely to your destination if you insist to travel during heavy rains and floods. It’s either you get stuck in the road with your dead car or be carried away by the flood. A lot of accidents happen during heavy rains and floods so don’t risk it going out.

  • Drive Safe

In case a heavy rain started to pour while you’re on the road, take it slow and drive safely. Other drivers may not see you right away so keep your wipers and headlights on while driving. Turn on your hazard lights while you drive slowly to alert other drivers especially if you are pulling over to climb to a higher ground.

  • Protect Your Car

Heavy rains may be great for plants and trees but not for your car. Too much water and pressure can wear out your car’s outer beauty by ruining its finish and other layers of paint. Thus, parking your car under a roof or inside a garage can reduce the harm that it can take.

Protect Your Car From Floods

  • Careful with Electricity and Gas

To ensure that no one gets electrocuted or scorched, make sure that your turn off your gas and fuse box. You should move all your electrical appliances to a higher part of your house where the flood can’t reach it. Make sure that all the sockets around the house are also covered.

  • Cover Your Doorways and Air Vents

You may not think of it right away but water can easily find a way to get in through doorways and air vents. Hence, you can do some extra precaution by closing and covering them from inside and outside. Use thick plastic sheeting or a sandbag as a cover to keep the water out.

Final Words

In case you are stuck in a flood, call 911 right away once you get to a high ground for shelter. Always stay calm and don’t panic during these situations. Whatever happens, save yourself first and leave your possessions behind.